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Terry is best reached by email initially... dunn27 _at_ juno.com , and she'll give you a call to work out the to answer questions and work out the details. Terry CAN accept payment by PayPal, credit card, cash or personal check.

Because there are so many options for matting/framing and delivery of the Pastels, this site does not have a 'Shopping Cart' with fixed prices. Please contact Terry and discuss the details!

The custom furniture you see on the site is in many cases already sold and shown in the Gallery to give you an idea of what can be done. If you see a piece you like, but it is shown as sold, contact Terry and let her know what you like. Or, if you have a piece of your own and an idea of how you want it to look, just ask!

Custom in-home Murals are offered pretty much only in Albuquerque, and obviously require a great deal of communication as well as planning for an initial home inspection and access to work at scheduled times.

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